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The Importance Of Your Domain Name

The Importance Of Your Domain Name

Thinking about building a website? The first thing you need is a great domain name

The right domain for your website is more important than most of us realize. If it’s not short, sweet, and memorable, your site won’t get the attention it deserves. 

The domain is what brings people to your website; it’s the first thing new customers will see when they look you up. So make it great! Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best domain:

1. Keep it simple: The best domain names should be simple and straight to the point. The last thing you want to do is to confuse people with a long, complicated domain. 

Ideally, your domain name will have your name (or your company’s name), and a word or two explaining what you do. 

2. Use keywords: Keywords bring a website to the top of search engine results.

For example, if you run a health and fitness blog, you want to appear at the top of a search for “best blogs”. Use a keyword or two in your domain to boost those results. 

3. Stick with .com: .com stands for “commercial”. That’s what tells your customers that the website is for a business. It also makes the domain easier to remember.

If you can’t get the name you want at a .com address, you should consider changing the words around, instead of ending with a different extension.

Where to buy your domain

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